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Industry production particleboard, melamine decorative panels


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Zero formaldehyde release
Environmental protection E0 certification
Plate core tenacity
More than 8 years old trees
Flat and undeformed
Advanced technology
Moisture-proof, flame retardant
Antimicrobial resistance to acid and base
Factory direct sales can be customized
Pure log grain
No impurities, easy sawing

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Guangxi chenhong wood industry co., LTD., a subsidiary of shandong zhongyi wood industry co., LTD., is the largest investment attraction project for forestry industry in guanyang county and a key project in the "twelfth five-year" development plan. The company covers an area of 260 mu, the project registered capital of 20 million yuan, the annual sales revenue of more than 700 million yuan, profits and taxes of 90 million yuan, provide more than 200 jobs. The company is located in xishanping industrial park, guanyang county, guilin city, 3 kilometers away from the county seat, the traffic is very convenient. The main production ...[>>More]